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Welcome from Kyora Landscapes to our new blog!

Here you will find out about all things Kyora. Who is Kyora Landscapes? How long has Kyora been around? What can Kyora do to your garden? What makes Kyora different? What are Kyora’s interests??? You will also join us on our journey of continuously discovering new aspects of garden design and creation. What new innovations are coming to market, how simple design techniques can add the wow factor to your garden, how to increase the value of your home by landscaping and many more interesting topics.

Kyora offer services ranging from initial consultations, garden and landscape design, landscape construction, greenwall design and installations, project managing as well as garden and landscape maintenance. Kyora benefits from a wealth of knowledge that its employees have built on over the years of study and hands on experience. Kyora’s knowledge of horticultural habits and how to’s, plant proficiency and principles, dramatic dextrous design, creative construction capabilities, and the grooming of great gardens are second to none.

On that note we would like to welcome you to Kyora Landscapes and we hope to see you soon!

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