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At Kyora Landscapes, we strive to offer quality service and a quality job. We have spent some time working on the company core values to help us achieve and continue to achieve to our full potential. It may come as a surprise to hear a landscape company has these values in place, but if you read our blog on the Modern Aussie Tradie, you will understand that to be set above the rest, you need to go above and beyond what is expected.

What are Core Values & Why Have Them?

  • Core values shape the company culture they are the fundamental beliefs of the organisation
  • They are a set of guiding principles helping people understand how to behave and understand what is acceptable and what is not
  • Core values help Kyora determine if they are on the right path to fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide to work too
  • Establishing strong core values provide both internal and external value to the company they let everyone know what we are all about
  • When hiring staff we look for these values this helps to ensure we are all working together
  • We can also look to match these values in potential clients we want to do work with. To align with clients that appreciate quality and who appreciate their team
  • They are a way of letting everyone know what we are all about

The Core Values of Kyora Landscapes

1) Visualise the outcome with an open mind

2) Motivation Starts with Clear Communication

3) Own It & Get It Done

4) Back Yourself & the Options are Endless

5) Appreciate the Efforts of the Team

6) A Reputation for Quality Separates us From the Rest

With these core values, clear motivation is provided for all Kyora employees to work towards. They can also provide potential clients an insight of what they can expect should they decide to work with Kyora on their landscape project. Each month, the employees of Kyora vote for the person who has best demonstrated one or more of these Core Values, further inspiring each and every individual to strive for the best for both Kyora, and them selves.

Written by Nick Mason