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WTF? (What’s That Flower)

For all you’ll need to know about the flowers of the week!

You know spring has sprung when the stunning colours of Cercis erupt from the stems of this small to medium tree.  A great specimen tree for small, medium and large gardens. The Cercis provides not only an amazing spring floral display but is ever changing throughout the seasons. The foliage of different cultivars range from the greens of Cercis canadensis ‘Roethgold’ Chain of hearts, through to a reddish purple of the Cercis canadensis ‘forest pansy’. Cercis display autumn colour before losing their leaves come winter. They grow to anywhere between 2-6 metres tall and prefer part shade to full sun.
Look out for these now as they a looking their best. Look to incorporate one in your garden for a year round show of this great small tree.

Written by Nick Mason.