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On arrival to a potential job in Glebe we were greeted by quite a small space and a not very inviting entrance.
Located in a street of almost entirely terrace houses, front gardens, if you have one, are small and usually never used. The brief for this job was to design and construct a usable area while also creating a striking entrance to the property.

From this……..
To this…….

The existing layout did not maximise the area available. With curved walls a paved entirely with common bricks with no drainage meaning all the bricks were mossy and slippery. The terracotta tiles covered uneven steps as well as a sunken saggy patio. The garden looked in need of an urgent upgrade and we were excited by the possibilities.
Through the design phase, artificial turf was proposed as the client had young children in need of a play area. The idea of mowing such a small lawn area is never very appealing.
With a new area for play, we proposed a small bench seat as part of raised gardens around the perimeter of the garden. The raised gardens were to be shallow enough to not take up too much of the precious space but deep enough for some privacy planting especially along the front boundary.
To create an impact on arrival, tessellated tiles were a preference. This would not only suit the building and area but create a stunning entrance to the property.
Check out the before photos and we look forward to presenting how the job evolved over the coming weeks.

Before photos….

before glebe
Example of proposed tessellated tiles for entrance path and patio.

Example of a bench seat we’ve constructed recently…
Written by Nick Mason