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WTF? (What’s That Flower)

For all you’ll need to know about the flowers of the week!

A stunning flower display amongst Echium’s is about to kick off! The Pride of Madeira plant will put on a show of blue/purple flower spikes from around late spring, take note of what they look like and keep your eyes peeled as they come into full bloom shortly.

Echium are a great plant that can really make an impact in the right location. Echium will grow to approximately 2.5 metres tall and can tolerate full sun and coastal situations. The grey green leaf  look great year round even while the plant is not flowering. Preferring well drained soils, this plant is quite drought tolerant and only requires pruning after flowering.

There is a cultivar that has a pink/red flower called Echium wildpretii, which grows flower spikes to approximately 2m high, but most commonly Echium fastuosum and Echium candicans will be what you see around Sydney.
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Keep an eye out for these beauties, you will not be disappointed!
Botanical name: Echium candicans
Common name: Pride Of Madeira Family:
Boraginaceae Origin: The Portuguese Island of Madeira – Portugal and Spain

Written by Nick Mason