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Does the thought of Bamboo send shivers down your spine?? Bamboo has earned a reputation for spreading like wildfire. Plant it and expect it to pop up everywhere you do and don’t want it and then good luck killing it and getting rid of it. Yes, there are types of bamboo that do this, they are called Spreading bamboo, but there are also some types of bamboo that grow where and how you want them too.
Bamboo is a plant that can achieve great screening without the width of an advanced hedge. Bamboo can grow straight up without taking up much more width than 500mm if not less if required. Whether used for screening or to help create an asian themed garden bamboo can look great and does not have to be a plant to fear.

Below are Kyora’s Top 4 bamboo types.

Bambusa textilis gracilis – Slender Weaver

Type – Clumping/non invasive
Grows up to 6m
Full sun to part shade
Green stems and leaves
Upright growth habit
Most popular and most commonly used
Great screening bamboo and looks great pleached.

Bambusa multiplex ‘Alphonse karr’ – Alphonse Karr

Type – Clumping/non invasive
Grows up to 8m
Full sun to part shade
Yellow stems with green stripes
Upright growth habit
Also commonly used, can be hedged to 2-4m
Great screening bamboo
Can suffer from mealy bug attack

Drepanostachyum falcatum – Blue Bamboo, Himalayan Weeping Bamboo

Type – Clumping/non invasive
Grows up to 3.5m
Part shade, not full sun
Thin stems and leaves
Upright habit with arching stems
Great feature or container plant, also good for screening

Bambusa lako – Timor Black Bamboo

Type – Clumping/non invasive
Grows up to 15m, most commonly 8-10m
Full sun to part shade
Thick black/ebony stems with green leaves
Upright habit
Striking appearance with its ebony stems but quite a slow grower

So there you have it, no need to fear Bamboo, why not embrace it as it could be the perfect plant for your garden.

Written By – Nick Mason
*All images via Pinteret