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It’s time that the Camellia flower put on their floral show and it won’t be brief! Camellia’s can flower from late Autumn all the way through to spring! Flowers range from whites through a range of pinks and reds. The leaves are a glossy green. New leaves are a bright glossy green which then turn a darker shade of green. The two main types include Camellia japonica and Camelia sasanqua. Generally, the japonica has a larger leaf and will take more shade than the sasanqua. The sasanqua has a smaller leaf and can take up to full sun.
Camellia’s best suit formal and even cottage gardens. They can be clipped to a hedge or other neatly clipped shapes. If a Camellia is left unmaintained it will turn into a tree so regular pruning is recommended.
Keep an eye out for the current floral display, once you notice one Camellia you notice them all.
Nick Mason – Residential Construction