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Are you searching for the perfect palm?
Although Sydney does not have a tropical climate that is generally associated with palms, they can still thrive all over Sydney. Kyora Landscapes has 5 favourite palms that will grow especially well in the temperate climate of Sydney. Each have different features and uses in a garden and are unique in their own special way. Below are Kyora’s top 5 Palms listed from the largest to the smallest growing.

Bangalow Palm – Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

With either a single trunk and commonly multiple trunks, the Bungalow palm is very common around Sydney. It can grow up to 25 metres high so many sure you are aware of this prior to planting!! Bungalow palms are generally quite fast growing. They do require a good amount of water to thrive. Bungalow palms like most palms are reasonably low maintenance, requiring the removal of dead fronds as the naturally peel off the trunk. A good palm if a tall canopy is desired with a clear trunk.


Kentia Palm – Howea forsteriana

Growing to 18m tall, the Kentia palm is a slower growing, single stem palm. Some may look like multi stems but these are other individual plants growing in close proximity to each other. Kentia palms can tolerate low light conditions up to full sun exposure. Kentia’s are also commonly used as indoor plants and are low maintenance. A great palm that won’t get too big too quick, and you’ll have plenty of room around its trunk for underplanting and a medium canopy to protect the understory planting.

Golden cane Palm – Dypsis lutescens

A clumping palm, the Golden cane palm will send up numerous trunks not just one main trunk like the Bungalow and Kentia. With a maximum height of approximately 12 metres high, the Golden Cane palm is great to achieve a good level of screening. Also low maintenance with the occasional removal of dead leaves. If grown in lower light, the leaves will be more green than gold in colour, but when planted in full sun, the leaves will be a yellow/gold colour.
The golden cane can be grown indoor or outdoors. For all you need to know about the benefits of indoor plants read last months blog!

Rhapis Palm – Rhapis excelsa

Also a clumping palm, the Rhapis palm sends our numerous stems of glossy green, fan like leaves which create a stunning lush screen if required. It grows to approximately 3-4 metres high. The Rhapis palm grows best in part shade conditions as well as indoors. If grown in full sun, the leaves will turn yellow. A low maintenance plant with the occasional brown leaf to remove. Definitely a favourite palm when planted in the right location.


Cascade Palm – Chamaedorea atrovirens

The Cascade palm can look like a miniature green version of the Golden cane palm. A great little clumping palm growing no higher than 2 metres high! the Cascade palm grows well indoors, in shady areas of the garden and can also tolerate sun if plenty of water is available. A good, low maintenance, compact palm that won’t get too big.
So there you have it! If you’re looking to create a tropical feel to your garden, a few palm trees is the place to start. Remember when it comes time to select a palm for your garden, refer to Kyora Landscapes Top 5 Palms that will grow well in Sydney and you can’t go wrong!

Written by Nick Mason.